Nothing White Can Stay

The scientists are wrong
about snowflakes:
they’re all identical
tiny white demons,
invading the territory
in overwhelming numbers,
come to drive up the
driveway plowing bill,
force the unwary motorists
off the highways, bury
the gardens, pull down
the powerlines, and
demoralize the population
by blanketing the
satellite dishes.

They enlist the children,
entice them into building
snowforts and snowmen,
seduce poets and songwriters
into singing their praise,
and hypnotize the elderly,
wiping away any awareness
of their difficult early years,
replacing them with only
memories of ice skates and
sledding down Hospital Hill.

Their annual invasion, more
intense some years than others,
is nonetheless always successful.

But even their most welcoming
allies, lovers of the ever-whitening
landscapes and hymnlike carols,
sooner or later change their tune,
find themselves wandering around
the Farmers’ Market vacant lots
wondering how much longer
before the tomatoes finally return.


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