No Two Alike

Maybe it would be worthwhile
if they ever stopped falling
to step outside into the snow
and collect about a billion flakes
or a billion billion flakes (if a
billion billion can be considered
a reasonable sample), bring them
in, check them out to confirm
(or disprove) the common belief.
No one really knows for sure
—though they say they do—
but I think it would be great
to be able to say for certain
one way or another.

we need to give up on haiku,
read a billion billion pages,
look more closely at the letters.

2 thoughts on “No Two Alike

  1. we got sixteen inches, most of it in one hour after dark. That’s a LOT of billions of snowflakes, but then again, who’s counting. I’ll meet you on the roof, I’ll be the one with the roof rake

  2. Love the poem…and the sentiments about haiku and looking at billions of words instead.
    I remember reading a children’s book (Honey Bunch and the Snowdrop Inn, maybe…I know it was one of the later HB books in the series and she was STILL five years old, but I digress) that had HB’s lawyer/father trying to help a jewelry designer prove (or not) that his designs were being stolen. His designs came from photos of individual snowflakes, which he took on a frozen piece of glass before he melted. And the jeweler claimed they were all different even if he didn’t use them all. For what it is worth….nan

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