Tortured By Alien Technology


It will not gently wake you up,
it will jolt you from your sleep,
time and again, even if you think
you know where all the buttons are,
even if, in desperation, you pull
its cord, untether if from the wall;
even then, its built-to-last magic
space age battery will kick in,
cause it to beep beep beep beep
until your adrenaline’s maxed
and you’re making a wide-eyed
bolt out the back door and into
the screaming morning commute,
bound for only-God-knows-where.
In some sense, it will will leave you
happy as hell just to get away.


4 thoughts on “Tortured By Alien Technology

  1. Ahahaha this reminded me of my baby sis. She would sneak her alarm clock by my side and go to sleep. Then i used to wake up to a deafening trr trrr and then i would go and wake her up gently for school. I was her alarm clock.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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