Six Word Saturday

(It’s The Season Of “Gifting” Again, but…)

Note: “Gift” Is Not A Verb

The act of gifting giving is a kindness.
One should always gift give from the heart.
Almost anything may be gifted given.

Want to seem gifted? Use the language properly.


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10 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. It’s annoying, isn’t it when nouns are used as verbs. I find it is happening more and more. The main ones I notice are ‘medal’ and ‘summit’. Sports people have a chance of ‘medalling’ these days rather than ‘winning a medal’ and mountain climbers ‘summit’ the mountain rather than ‘reach the summit’.

  2. my utter favorite is the verb “to office’. I don’t see it much, maybe too many people howled, but I have seen ads where the voiceover mentions “to office”…the difficulty comes in explaining why some nouns are also used as verbs, such as game, run, fish–so I think we’ll see lot more of these kinds of transitions in the future.
    One thing about English that is both a fault and a virtue, it’s still a fluid medium. Many other languages are still very close to what their ancestral tongue was, hundreds of years ago, and they do have a fit when folks insert new words. Ours needs a new dictionary every ten years. Even the pronunciation of words changes from century to century.

    (Arent you glad you asked)

  3. 100 years ago ain’t was proper english. When I was a kid only the uneducated used it. I think the language changes the way weather does, we can fuss all we like, but sooner or later the words find their way into the dictionary and we have lost another battle.
    There are two words now that I do go to war over: donut (which makes me whimper) and cemetary, which I blame Stephen King for. Lotta people don’t realize he was using it deliberately spelled that way. sigh. Donut is already in the dictionary, cemetary will be, I’ll bet, in ten years. Or less.

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