Six Word Saturday

Wait…Could That Really Be Me?


I got home from work to find an invitation from my Alma Mater, the University of Connecticut, to the upcoming 40th reunion of the Class of 1976.  I thought, “Why the hell are they sending thi…oh, wait…”  Yeah, that’s correct. I graduated in ’76 (1976). In the previous millennium.  Almost a half-century ago.

Crap.  No wonder my joints ache.

Worse yet: I could have graduated in 1973, but I started a little late & took off a couple of semesters here and there along the way.


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10 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Wait til you get the Big One, 50 years. We had our 50th class reunion four years ago (high school) and as near as I can tell, no one went. Or if they did, no one was talking about it.
    Either way, it’s ugly. On the bright side, you can go and look at all those people who didnt age nearly as well as you did. =)

    Er. you goin’?

    • Nah. I was married when I enrolled. We never lived or socialized much on campus, never really developed any personal relationships with classmates, etc.

  2. It’s always much better to carve out our very own timeline, Ron.

    I’ll use this venue to tell you how much I appreciate your feedback and support of my work. And that I am so enjoying your words.

    Do you know of the writer Jena Schwarz and her wonderful writers’ groups? I have been part of two of her monthly “Dive into Poetry” sessions and am writing truer, better, because of them. Think about joining us. I am diving in to the October group. It will be chilly but I find the process works wonders.

    Keep writing, Ron. Damn the torpedoes. And the accountants.

    Warmly, Tricia McCallum

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