Thursday Thirteen

(When I was much younger and I said, “Jeez, I could really use a joint right about now,” it had a totally different meaning. Most of my joints are problematic these days, but guess which one I just had about a dozen X-Rays of, in preparation for the referral to the rheumatologist.)

Here are 13 hints from the common vernacular:

1. Feel free to cry on my _____.
2. She’s got a good head on her _____.
3. That guy’s got some chip on his _____.
4. I’m giving Trump the cold _____.
5. My Beloved Sandra is head & _____ above the rest.
6. That’s a real weight off my _____.
7. I’m putting my _____ to the wheel.
8. You better keep looking over your _____.
9. All he could do was shrug his _____.
10. He always speaks straight from the _____.
11. I am a dwarf, standing on the _____ of giants.
12. (&13) I stand _____ to _____ with the Peaceniks.



Join(t) the fun at: THURSDAY THIRTEEN





11 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. ow when you say ___ to ___ you ain’t kidding. Im no xray reader, but Nan sounds like she knows what she’s about, there. take care, Mr. L

  2. Oh dear. Something about that doesn’t look quite right. I hope you mend quickly and without too much pain. Good luck to you.

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