Ron.’s Got “…some sort of gun.”


My poem, “…some sort of gun.” is available today in See Into The Dark, the latest edition of the Slim Volume anthology series published by Pankhearst.  Anthology editor Kate Garrett, in the introduction to the volume says:

We bring you claustrophobia, depression, and anxiety. Victims and vengeance. Forgotten passwords. Basements. Teeth.

Enjoy your walk through our Kafkaesque funhouse, but if it helps, remember the mantra – and we all had a version to repeat to ourselves as children: it’s only a story; it’s only a poem.

I’ve read the pre-publication authors’ PDF version of this marvelous print anthology.  I can only echo Ms Garrett’s words and assure you that you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

I’ve posted my humble contribution (“…some sort of gun.”) at Eggs Over Tokyo.  You can read it HERE.

Slim Volume publishes twice per year. This is their fourth edition. You can find links to all previous volumes HERE.


I just realized that this post’s title also qualifies it  as my Six Word Saturday.  I’m taking the rest of the weekend off, I guess.  Go visit Call Me Cate for more sixes at: SHOW MY FACE.


6 thoughts on “Ron.’s Got “…some sort of gun.”

  1. Sounds like my kind of anthology. Love your poem. It reminds me of the story Michael Meade (author/storyteller/mythologist) tells about stopping a gang from knifing him as a kid in NY by telling a story. That’s when he found his calling.

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