Six Word Saturday

Passed Torches Are Never The Same

This week’s six (ominous) words from Call Me Cate over at SHOW MY FACE, long-term host of the very popular Six Word Saturday meme, are: “Maybe time to pass the torch?” 

Say it ain’t so, Cate.  Please.     Pretty please.    Passed torches are never the same.



8 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. sometimes, Ron, life gets in the way. I dont like what it sounds like either, but if it has to be, it has to be. As someone once said about a bar fight he was moving away from, “I’d rather walk out than be carried out.”

  2. I think she just means she’s willing to give the job to someone else, not give up the meme. Or…

  3. Ditto to everyone’s comments. I’d hate to see Cate give up SWS. She’s done so well with it! But I know that people sometimes want change or need to lessen commitments. So, I wish her well with her choice!

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