Ron.’s Gun

I just received my pre-publication PDF copy of the forthcoming (May 13th) anthology See Into The Dark, one of the Slim Volume series from Pankhearst Publishing, which will contain my poem, “…Some Sort Of Gun”  amid lots of other fine writing — both poetry and short prose. 

It’s a volume that, as editor Kate Garrett says, “will be a book of oddities and causes for alarm.”

You can find other titles in the Slim Volume anthology series HERE

You know I’ll be back to remind you when it’s available.

2 thoughts on “Ron.’s Gun

  1. just took a quick stroll through what they have over there on view. Nice, gritty, interesting. I look forward to seeing your stuff there, Mr. L.

    • Thanks, JT. It’s a short one–only 4 lines–(one of only two 4-liners in the entire volume) but I like it & am happy to be included.

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