Six Word Saturday

Every Writer’s Gotta Keep Track, Right?

Manuscript submission tracking and management is key  to avoiding both embarrassment and the wrath of busy publishers / editors.  I’ve used  Duotrope for years to keep myself on track.  Their database is huge; their listings are always current and are promptly updated, and their (annual) user/member fees are very reasonable, given the extensive use I make of the system.

As the year’s first-quarter comes to a close, I’m pretty satisfied with how things are shaping up for 2016.  I finished out last year with an acceptance rate of just over 22%,  and I’d be happy to maintain that average again this year. We’ll see, I guess.  Here’s the skinny so far:

Disappearance–Front Porch Review–January Issue
Hard Going–Poetry Breakfast–3/22
Critique–Red Wolf Journal–3/23
Metamorphosis–Red Wolf Journal–3/25

Accepted, Publication Pending:
How It HappensPoetry Breakfast–Scheduled for 4/1
CommuteOne Sentence Poems–Scheduled for 4/6
Some Sort Of GunSlim Volume (“See Into The Dark” anthology)–5/13
The Kindness Of Strangers*82 Review (Issue 4.2)–Mid June

Submitted, Response Pending:
>>The Road Not Taken: A Journal of Formal Poetry:
Thoreau Before Dawn
Flying Home

>>Negative Capability Journal:
Not To Mention The Fries
Town Meeting Day a la Mode
The Bad Son


Call Me Cate has more (less boring) 6s at SHOW MY FACE


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