Truth, Hard As Nails

Wow, he thought, the scourge and the
public ridicule was one thing, I mean
most of them never took me seriously
anyway; and the thorny crown was
really just more of the same: mostly
just for show, mostly designed for
maximum insult and denigration, no
real harm intended, just give them
something to focus on and laugh at.
But I have to admit: these nails are
something else altogether.
………………………………I guess if I
had the chance to do it all over again,
come back from beyond the grave,
maybe give them all yet another shot,
I’d definitely have to rethink the nails.


2 thoughts on “Truth, Hard As Nails

  1. And could you blame him for wanting to rethink the nails; chance after chance, time after time and we just don’t seem to get it. You hit the nail on the head with this one.

  2. I always thought that spear in the side was a bit overdone, too. Maybe have a word with the spear user, tell him to take it easy, the point was already made by then. (oh, sorry, pun not intended)

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