Don’t Eat That Mud Quite Yet, Mr Cummings

What a coincidence! Poetry Breakfast posted its weekly call for Poetry Potluck / Inspiration Buffet just as I finished my (4:20AM) revision of a poem published a couple years ago at Every Day Poets. I’ll post the original under the revision:

Not Quite Mud-Luscious Yet

Everyone hopes that the latest snow
is not just the latest, but last. Everyone’s

waiting for the white to fade, wanting
a little widespread warmth, longing for

sunshine and early lollipop roses, sweet
tulip reassurances that incipient April is

something more than just a promise;
that the feeble sun (what little sun there is)

is at last at least somewhat less remote, less
removed, not a hundred million miles away

Not Quite Mud-Luscious Yet
Every Day Poets (Online) April 2013 

This latest snow, I hope, will also be
the last.
…………..I wait for white to fade,
for drifts to drift away, for warmer
nights and longer days.
…………………………….I pray
for crocuses to come and go,
or an April shower of tulip blooms
and lollipop roses; for anything
that shows us that the sun is less
removed, is less remote.
……………………………..I hope
these bloomless snowy days are past,
this latest snow will also be —at last—
the last.

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