Wham! Bam! Thank You, Ann!

Record Setting Response Time!

Big thanks to Ann Kestner (Poetry Breakfast) for setting a new record response time for submitted work—getting back to me in a miniscule 10 hours, 12 minutes! All writers know that the wait time is usually months (not hours) of agony and usually ends in rejection anyway.

Even more gratifying: Ann has accepted 2 of the 5 pieces I sent her! I’m very happy to be “added to the morning menu”, as she put it. I’m looking forward to finding Hard Going on the table on March 22nd and to sitting down to a nice cup of How It Happens on April 1st.

It will definitely be great to have Poetry Breakfast showing up again, daily, after its storm-related hiatus, and I urge all readers (& writers!) to add it to your morning regimen, starting March 20. I predict that you WILL NOT be disappointed.


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