7 thoughts on “Six (Sad) Word Saturday

  1. In a country of nearly 323 million people, this is a very low figure indeed. Im not an advocate of “guns for everyone” but I do think the figures for one day (which is what this is) really don’t paint a clear image of the country at large.

    In a way it’s slanting a fact into more than it really is. Even for a one day total for an entire country of this many people, it seems a very low figure.

    Im very wary of statistics, they can be shoveled all over the place. Years ago a particular medication was summarily/temporarily removed from the marketplace, due to one woman (in a control study of 20) dying of a heart attack. The papers trumpeted, “X unsafe, 5% of the women who take this are at risk of a heart attack”–no one said if she was dangerously overweight, had a preexisting heart condition, or was mixing her drugs in appropriately.

    In a study of the system of stat reporting, in Russia it was reported that the US car in the tests came in next to last, but the Russian car came in second. They never mentioned that there were only two cars in the race.

    What would be interesting is to find out how many vehicle-related deaths were caused in one day…

  2. Distressing but a necessary practice. Whatever the source material, whatever size the sampling, whatever protocol . . can’t be argued the US love affair with firearms (and automobiles, for that matter) is out of control.

  3. The US is 3rd in murders throughout the world. BUT if you discount Chicago, Detroit, Washington and New Orleans the US drops to 4th from the bottom on the same list. AND these four cities also have the toughest gun laws in the US.

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