Six Word Saturday

As If Everything Else Weren’t Enough…

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Suddenly, Floaters.  Great.

Not familiar? You can read all about them HERE.


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10 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. just don’t look at snow or a bright sky. It’ll scare ya. Mine are usually little black dots (“oh, look, honey, a bird way way up…oh wait, never mind…”) that whip back and forth. They do fade.

  2. As if the circles of light coming at me…even years after cataract surgery…are not enough, I have the ‘bee hive’ continually buzzing in my ears. I wonder what ‘enough’ will add next. Really enjoyed your post today.

  3. The eye guy will tell you all floaters are, is a natural part of aging. they fade in time, and then you get new ones. As jo said, if you get the monster floater ( as you recall I did long ago) in one eye, for heaven’s sake get thee to a doctor.
    But by and large they’re just annoying, and you do get used to them.

  4. Had to start laughing when I saw this! I know they’re called floaters, but I told the doctor that mine look like amoebas – remember science class way back when?

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