In My Copy Of The Quran…

(Yes I have one & have read it carefully, several times.)

Here’s what it says  (repeatedly!) about the need for killing unbelievers:

“…He that follows the right path shall follow it for his own good; and he that goes astray shall do so at his own peril. You are not accountable for them.”     —Quran, 39:41

(39:41 in Arabic HERE)

“As for those that serve other masters besides Him, God Himself is watching them. You are not responsible for what they do.”    —Quran, 42:6

(42:6 in Arabic HERE)

No Armed Jihad Required, Brothers. Lay Down Your Arms.

5 thoughts on “In My Copy Of The Quran…

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  2. I’m happy for this clarification. A argument began in our office after the murders on France when one of my co-workers suggested that Muslims believe that anyone who does not share their religion and philosophies should be killed. We tried saying it was only extremists but she would not have any of that argument.

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