Janeys In The Running

Submitted today: The Janey Poems (chapbook).  It’s Version 2.0: 20 Janey poems, mostly unpublished, to Slope Editions Chapbook Contest. I haven’t done a contest in ages; I figure that every submission’s a contest in one way or another.

Five of the 20 were previously published, but none of them recently, so I don’t think that will hurt my chances much.

Here’s one from 2003, originally published in the (now defunct) Moondance:

Janey At Five Below

Janey leaves alone
what she’s left behind. A door,
closed, remains closed.
Dark remains dark
and Janey does not linger
long enough to fix the blame.

Janey breathes
a slashing, glassy air. She
stands, transfixed, wreathed;
her own breath her only halo.

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