Amygdala Exposure


If you walk out and sit beside a small stream deep in the woods, swallow enough sedatives to kill three people, and wash them all down with enough alcohol to supply a decent frat party, you certainly don’t expect to wake up.

When you wake up anyway, surrounded by only ferns in a foggy silence, you can develop a life-long aversion—even a phobia—of such things.

Fernophobia, my retelling of just such an event, appears in the recently-published 2nd Issue of Amygdala, a literary journal that addresses mental health issues of all sorts, from all viewpoints.  And there’s lots of other good work there, too. The editors state: “It is our hope that Amygdala will de-stigmatize society’s view on mental health and create deeper recognition of the importance of mental health services.”

You’d have to be crazy to think this isn’t important, eh?


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