Brattleboro (VT) Literary Festival this weekend. 

I’m limiting myself to poets, mostly because I need a shot in the arm (kick in the pants?) to get me jump-started.  If any of these readings fail to pan out, I still have dozens of other writers (in all genres) to see/hear instead.

Here’s the tentative plan:

1. Vijay Seshardi & Jeffrey Harrison (If I get there early enough)
2. Karin Gottshall & Michael White
3. Forrest Gander & Rachel Eliza Griffiths
4. Gregory Pardlo & CD Wright

Open Reading

1. Alice Fogel & Chad deNiord
2. Ellen Bryant Voigt & Cleopatra Mathis

Special Event
(Tribute To Galway Kinnell) :
• Wyn Cooper—“The Road Between Here and There
• Dede Cummings—“Blackberry Eating
• Chard deNiord—“Pure Balance
• Melissa Hammerle—“The Still Time
• Ellen McCulloch-Lovell—from “When One Has Lived a Long Time Alone
• Cleopatra Mathis—“St. Francis and the Sow
• Gregory Pardlo—“Brother of My Heart
• Vijay Seshadri—“Tillamook Journal
• Lisa von Kann—comments about Galway
• Ellen Bryant Voigt—“The Quick and the Dead


Info about all authors at the festival HERE


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