Small Change, No-Shows

Everything remains mostly green, September
having been one of the drier Septembers in
recent memory, and warmer, too: temps,
lounging comfortably, well into the mid-80s
for most of the month.
……………………………In its final days, finally,
–but only just before they’re due to fall–a few
grudging golds but almost no reds appear.
Businesses across the state, normally in
blissful anticipation of the imminent arrival
of tourist busses and the resultant influx of
flatlander capital, now begin to fret and dread
the sad likelihood of cancelled reservations,
empty rooms at the local inns, and all those
unsnapped photos, unsold souvenirs.

3 thoughts on “Small Change, No-Shows

  1. Interesting- do they blame the warmer temps? In the Blue Ridge Mountains they are predicting beautiful fall colors due to a drier days this summer. The highest elevations are just starting to show their vivid color. I wonder if the Hurricane will have any impact on their tourism.

  2. We have been involved in a major drought since last fall (!!) blizzards notwithstanding: no fall rains, no spring rains, and less than that all summer. Our leaves here in NH are at about the same sad impasse that the Vermont leaves are–crispy and pale, barely making it out of the green before they start to wither on the tree. Taken all that into account, the average color peak is somewhere around Columbus’ Day, a week to one side or the other.
    I can see why Vermont is nervous, as is NH. This is the only thing we all have going this time of year, is tourists weary of their leaves eager to see ours.

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