I Got Worms In My Ears

I’m hoping that somebody out there can tell me exactly why—at 4:45 AM—I find myself wide awake and working on the railroad, all the livelong day, and for no other reason than just to pass the time away; or why I hear the whistle blowing, or why I have to rise up so early in the morn; or why I have to hear the captain shouting at Dinah, telling her to blow her horn.

Speaking of which, maybe someone could tell me who the hell is that banjo-strumming idiot in the kitchen with her, and why don’t they know the words—because I’m sick to death of them singing that “Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o / Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o-o-o-o / Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o” nonsense, keeping me from getting back to sleep.

This is no way to start a weekend.

8 thoughts on “I Got Worms In My Ears

  1. yes. thank you. you will be comforted to know you just started my weekend with the same song.
    my mother and I used to belt that out on our long rides to visit Nana in Somerville, when I was maybe four or five. I will be belting it out again, in a very few minutes, all the damn livelong day.

    If you need a change of pace, there is always “ooooooooooooooklahoma where the winds something something play…”

    Or our perennial favorite (call it clearing the air) Under the Board Walk
    or even, the California Raisin song, with dancing raisins. Graphics included, free of charge.

    • Believe it or not (ie: believe it), Under The Boardwalk IS one of mine, too.
      But the biggest (ie worst): Why Do Fools Fall In Love. Not a day goes by….

  2. so can I. alvin and the chipmunks gargling away

    and on rare, painful occasions, the original Mouseketeers theme song. Complete with Donald Duck and Mickey. Ugly, really really ugly.

  3. A sort of guaranteed way to rid your mind of those damn–now I’m humming the railroad song–is to stand on a chair or table top and belt out the song! And yes, I’m about to do this too. . .Just ignore the neighbours and/or irate family members. . .Thanks a lot, Ron!

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