Day Planner

Behind the bar at Positive Pie,
large decanters display citrus
vodka, jalapeno tequila, and
vanilla bourbon. None of the
Tuesday afternoon regulars
give them a second look.

It’s almost the end of July.
Let out—at long last—from
summer school, an hour’s drive
from home, and with no one
waiting there to celebrate
his return, he stops in for
a couple slices of pepperoni
and a Switchback or two (or
three) to wash them down.

It’s cool inside and dark, and
even at the bar’s quieter end
things are hopping: a brisk
trade in pies-to-go, two mute
screens tuned to sports and
news and weather, the jukebox,
(blasting, whether anyone listens
or not) and three off-duty barmaids
haggling loudly over who will get
the Saturday evening shift.

He tries to make a weekend plan
himself, but all he can come up with
is citrus vodka screwdrivers, a fiery
tequila sunrise, and maybe a nightcap:
bourbon, vanilla, on the rocks.

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