Last Call


My poem, Breathless — the 3rd of three poems published by Dai Shotter — is available today for your perusal at Your One Phone Call. It’s been a pleasure working with this journal. I’m happy that they’ve chosen to publish me, and pleased that my work has been in such good company.  I will, no doubt, be sending them more work in the future.  

They put up something good every day.  Definitely worth a bookmark.

Meanwhile, here are links to the trio:

Breathless (new)…..Appraisal…..Empties

2 thoughts on “Last Call

  1. That was too many twists and clicks. I had fun but got some comments in the wrong places. I really like the name of the publication Your Last Phone Call makes me feel I better get to it!

  2. oops left a comment in the wrong place:

    it should go here.
    This is one of those poems that feels like it just slides down the page in a straight line; good stuff.

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