Six Word Saturday

(even here in Vermont)
I’m Thirty Minutes From New Orleans


In My Beloved Sandra’s absence (visiting Maine’s rocky coastline) I took myself out to lunch.  A half-hour ride up over Lowell Mountain gets you to Cajun’s Snack BarWhile genuine Cajun / Creole isn’t the only stuff on their menu, I can attest that it’s definitely the real thing and one of the major reasons that lots of folks drive for ages to get there. In addition to all (and I do mean all) of the usual snack bar / fair food fare, they also serve up a considerable variety of great N’awlins eats, including crawfish, catfish, frog legs, gator meat, and all manner of fresh seafood prepared the same way you might find in any of The Big Easy’s coolest eateries.

Sadly, though, neither gumbo nor jambalaya are available.

Today, although I gave serious consideration to the Perch Po’ Boy, I found myself in a sirloin mood, so I had the Cajun Burger. It had more deliciousness than could legitimately be contained between the two halves of its oversized bun.  

I was still smiling when I got home. 


Also delectable: Call Me Cate at SHOW MY FACE


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