Thursday Thirteen

13 Parts

1) The part where the whole thing is all there is
2) The part where it floats away
3) The part where they argue antler velvet versus horn marrow
4) The part where he can’t tell the difference anymore
5) The part about how the father knows best at 2:25 AM
6) The part where the choice between razors and needles becomes crucial
7) And tweezers
8) The part where he breathes and sleeps or sleeps without breathing or breathes without sleeping or wakes up and
9) The part where she isn’t asleep either
10) The part where each is worried about the other
11) The part about the unintended and noisy ice
12) The part about Northern Lights in southern skies
13) The part where he carries words around in a box in a bag, later at night than he should have to, for no good reason


You KNOW there’s lots more (good) parts at The New Thursday 13


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