Thumbs, Up and Down


Thumbs Up:

I received an acceptance late last week from Amy Huffman & April Salzano, editors for the upcoming anthology entitled Objects in the Rear View Mirrors, forthcoming from Kind Of A Hurricane Press.   They’ll be publishing a (short) prose piece I wrote a while back entitled Revisiting Venus, which is a companion piece and semi-factual account of how I came to write the poem Watch And Wait, which was published (online) in September 2013 at Untitled, With Passengers.  

I’ll keep you posted about the anthology.  Meanwhile, if you’re interested, you can whet your appetite by visiting Tokyo to read Watch And Wait.

Thumbs Down:

I also received a (friendly) rejection for a short poem I sent out not too long ago.  I won’t name the (online) site that turned me down because I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m harboring any ill-will. The site has published me several times in the past and rejected me just as often. I’m always very happy when they accept me and equally bummed at their rejections.

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