Beth You Do Not Frighten Me…

Beth You Do Not Frighten Me
As Almost All The Others Almost Always Frighten Me

nor freeze me into lockjaw
drive me inward and away
nor staple my gaze to floorboards

soft your eyes draw me out
untie my tongue, unglue me

nor do I constantly think, near you:
perhaps I should not say
perhaps it’s this that I should do
perhaps say this and not do that
nor stop to think, nor rush to think
what is the why of this or which the way

tell me about the first green car you ever owned
and all the passengers it ever carried
and its many destinations
and I’ll be one of them and glad
and I shall make us into poetry

Monday. October-hearted I am
out the door and down the steps alone

sleep sleep coffee sleep wait remember hope

One thought on “Beth You Do Not Frighten Me…

  1. “Monday. October-hearted, I am
    out the door and down the steps alone”

    i was okay with this until these last penultimate lines and now I’m awash, i have no idea why, but sometimes the right line or lines just gets ya broadside across the face, and I guess this was one of those times.

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