Almost It Comes Back To Me…

Almost It Comes Back To Me
A Song I Used To Know I Used To Sing

Small, the hollow room unfolds,
still and in empty air.
I breathe, wreathed in cold, and blow
a song I used to know.

I used to sing:

Before the newer eyes of blue
were other eyes of another blue—
Before the snow there was other snow…”


It stings, the recollected second fall
the failing
and the things that followed:
the walls, collapsed, unpinning
and the unpenned heart,
its ink expended, lapsing into cold.


Revised for: POETRY JAM


13 thoughts on “Almost It Comes Back To Me…

  1. This has an eerie resonance. And I just wrote a poem about almost remembering too. It starts with “I’ve written this poem before.”

  2. I can feel the sadness in this and the nearly remembered song is a great image. Thanks for posting this for Poetry Jam.

  3. Nicely done! Your first stanza caught me right away; the unfolding small room is something that I understand. Memory does that.

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