Paper Snow Day

The snow is only a paper snow today, only a
story of snow outside the window, and the snowdrifts
I pass in the hallway are only paper snowdrifts.

Today, though, there’s imaginary sunlight.
I bask in it in bed from ten til noon, a new man
in a new year under the same old imaginary sun.

The sky today is a painted sky
and the imaginary sun is only pinned to it
the way a child pins a paper dragon to a bedroom wall.

Outside, I can see the air moving. I watch it
through the window, but it remembers the snow
is only paper and rushes away, forgetting to bite.


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14 thoughts on “Paper Snow Day

  1. ha. this has a really cool progression to it…
    i wish it was only a paper snow…but we are supposed to get 6 more inches tonight…
    so the sun, it feels like a paper sun…and one day may warm us…

  2. There is definitely a story somewhere in this and it seems it might be a sad one. I like a poem with mystery like this as it makes me create the story. Thanks for posting on Poetry Jam.

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