Six Word Saturday

(Work In Progress)

What The Hell’s The Next Line?

I’ve been up since 3AM, revising and editing what I’ve got, shuffling and breaking and re-breaking lines and messing with the damned punctuation, waiting for whatever is supposed to come next, but for the life of me…no, not yet.


While I wait, I guess I’ll visit Call Me Cate at SHOW MY FACE


14 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. you know better, lol –now is the time to revise for its own sake. if the words are out there, they’ll come back and if they dont, well, you got some nice revision out of it.

    and all the journaling in the world, all the playing with words and tinkering and fretting wont help a thing. we KNOW that.

    In a way its like the directions for getting over a cold: drink lots of liquids, rest, take aspirin, and in a week the cold will ge gone. If you ignore this sage advice and go about your business as usual, it will take seven days…

    and when all is said, yeah, its a pain in the tuchus.

  2. When lost for words- Here’s where I pause for a flashback/reflection/epiphany, of what would one of favorite authors say at this point?

  3. I totally know the feeling and have no solution for you. I start cleaning and organizing thinking if I do something that I don’t like (or normally do) something will shake loose in my brain. Doesn’t work often for me but the side benefit is a clean and organized room. Hope the words start flowing for you soon.

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