Thursday Thirteen

13 Reasons To Sing The Blues

1) 4:37pm: 13 below zero
2) Thanks for submitting your work, but…
3) It’s headed for -25 degrees
4) Prime time TV
5) Potential overnight wind-chill of -40
6) Potential dentures
7) All anyone’s talking about is the weather
8) Empty bucket list
9) Change of plans
10) Llamas on ice
11) Frozen smiles
12) 10:35pm: 18 below zero
13) Uh…


Lots more hot 13s at: THURSDAY THIRTEEN


9 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. lol mine too. annnnd the wood boxes annnd the stoves
    we;re looking at maybe -15 tonight, but that moon is so clear and bright out there
    sorta makes you a global warming hoper if not a believer.

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