Six Word Saturday


So Glad To Be Headed Home

No offense to My Beloved Sandra’s family, with whom we’ve been visiting in Maine, and all of whom I love dearly, but–as they know–I’m just not that social and, like all good hermits (especially at this uber-festive time of year) I’m eager to return to my quiet cave. Besides, I have to rest up for their Christmas visit to Vermont.


Want to visit?  Call on Call Me Cate at: SHOW MY FACE


10 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Next year, do what we did; schedule a blizzard for the holidays so that you have about six excuses not to go anywhere. And they have no reason to visit you (not after you suggest they bring their own shovels and snowshoes)

    and damn doesnt it feel good to hit the last stretch of road, and see your nest/cave waiting for you…

  2. I truly know the feeling,and especially because we have three dogs and it’s not easy to take along, so we have to have dog sitters and then it’s the entire time of is everything okay while mom is not there! Yikes!

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