Mister Metamorphosis

Call me Looneyman Coffeeslut.
When you find me in the morning
long before the sun comes up,
(as if it’s likely there will be sun)
when you find me at the keyboard,
half a man half asleep, call me
Fingerdreams Hopeful, call me
Resurrected Crashburn.
Yesterday I was Flabbergast
Downheart , but all my friends
(as if I’d had a friend)
loved me as I was, called me
Sameold Goodold when they
met me on the street, gave me
everything I guess they thought
a man like Hankernot Renunciation
might ever need. Still, need
followed me everywhere, hunger
dogged me secretly. Tomorrow
(as if there’s any other day)
is another day. Tomorrow
you can call me Smiley Nirvana;
tomorrow I’ll be Karmic Bailout.


This week it’s Identity Crisisville at POETRY JAM


8 thoughts on “Mister Metamorphosis

  1. haha I like hankernot renunciation personally…lol….and I am def a coffeeslut, though that is not limited to before the sun…I should probably monitor my coffee intake more…smiles…those last two lines were fun…

  2. This made me smile. I like your light-hearted take on the prompt. It seems you have many facets! I myself like “Sameold Goodold.” Good to see you here!

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