Rugsucker Redux


The rugsucker dream—always
the same, differently, this time,
as always, had woken him at 4,
just before he’d intended to
awaken, and demanded to be
written down:
………………Always the same
elements: always the truck
parked too far from the house,
always the rug not ready to be
sucked, always the specific
inevitable mechanical problem,
unfixable; this time the steam tank
leaking and sloshing,
the steam lines’ couplings corroded
and crumbling in his hands.

He hadn’t had the rugsucking job
for almost thirty years. What ancient
unresolved issue could spell itself out
so long, using images so far distant
he had only the faintest memory
of their antecedents? What last little bit
of chaos lurked, still, a quarter century later,
that he hadn’t already disposed of?
And why the rugsucker job—not the
fishpicker job or the bathing of the geriatrics?

He opened the journal before it slipped away.

6 thoughts on “Rugsucker Redux

  1. I dunno, ron. you’ve been carrying that dream around for three decades.

    maybe it’s come to symbolize potential failure in general, or the idea of impending disaster that we all ride with down that ice covered bobsled run, waiting for the looming rock that’s gonna getcha this time.

    Mine is the car dream, and whats left of it after the disaster happens, whatever/whenever it might be…

  2. Why? Why indeed? Dreams are so real and so strange and often so nonsensical. Interesting. Rugsucker–vocational title also interesting. (I wondered what to call them.)

  3. Whenever I’m bothered by a dream I relieve myself with the Dalai Lama’s words, “Sleep is a meditation” and am satisfied that that’s as deep as I need to get on the matter.

    • Sometimes a dream is a way of working something out; now and then a foretelling, now and then a huge Metaphor for Something Else. and now and then, a dream. I guess the trick (and sometimes half the fun) is to decide or discover what dream goes where. And sleep may be a meditation, it’s when we heal. But I notice ‘dream” is not included in the Dalai Lama’s words. Dreams may very well be the “aha!” in the meditation, after all.

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