So Far, So Good…I Guess

I’m working pretty hard to generate some new work.  I may have left a few out, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to remind myself that someone out there wants to publish me, so I made myself compile this list of journals and anthologies that have done so.   (Links to most of these are available at EGGS OVER TOKYO, if you’re interested)


A Clean, Well-Lighted Place
Able Muse
And/Or (x3)
Apparatus Magazine (x2)
Blue Skirt
Clapboard House (x3)
Comstock Review (x2)
Conspire (x2)
Crescent Moon Journal
Curio (x3)
Deep Water Literary Journal
egg poetry
Every Day Poets (x5)
Everyday Genius
Four and Twenty
Fourteen Magazine
Front Porch Review (x2)
High Coupe Journal (x5)
Idea Museum
Lynx Eye (x3)
Mi Po Print (x2)
New Works Review (x3)
Northern Cardinal Review (x2)
One Sentence Poems
Pine Island Journal
Poems Niederngasse
Poetry Breakfast
Poetry Super Highway
Raintown Review
Red River Review (x2)
Red Wolf Journal
right hand pointing (x2)
Star 82 Review
The Country Mouse (x2)
The Higginsville Reader
The Orange Room Review
The Rapid Eye
The Writer’s Hood
Troubadour 21
Untitled, With Passengers
Wordland (x2)
World Haiku Review


The Liberal Media Made Me Do It (Lummox Press, 2014)
Ekphrastia Gone Wild (Ain’t Got No Press, 2013)
Read Write Poem NaPoWriMo Anthology (Online) 2010
The Best Of Every Day Poets (I) (Every Day Publishing, 2010)
Anthology of New England Writers XX (New England Writers, 2008)
Anthology of New England Writers XVI (New England Writers, 2004)
Anthology of New England Writers XV (New England Writers, 2003)

3 thoughts on “So Far, So Good…I Guess

  1. it is indeed impressive, Ron. I dont know why you think you’re not published, look at the journals youve been in. Id publish mine, but it would barely make a blip on the radar.

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