Thursday Thirteen

Photo Credit: Ikeoluwa Onasanya

Photo Credit: Ikeoluwa Onasanya

13 Parts He Remembers At 3:36 AM

1. The part about leaving, but not knowing why, only knowing the going.
2. The part about the crowded.
3. The part about sleep and space that passes.
4. The part about knowing he’s dreaming while he’s sleeping in his dream.
5. The part about grey, then black, then the real grey, then blue.
6. The part about almost finally.
7. The part about nobody likes the ocarina.
8. The part about finally, at last.
9. The part about fences and parking lot paintlines.
10. The part about wait.
11. The part about the lady that wants to exchange addresses.
12. The part about sorting out.
13. This part.  Here.


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4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. I had a night like that too. The details were different but the feeling the same. The parking lot paintlines intrigues me. I lost someone in one dream and found them in another.

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