Tick Tick Tick…

I sent them two poems in April via Submittable, as instructed, so I received almost instant confirmation that they had been received.  One was subsequently published (in May) but Submittable still shows the submission as “In-Process.”

Yesterday, I contacted the editors (also via Submittable) :
 “I appreciate your publication of [XXX poem] back in May, and believe I can now safely assume that you will not be using [YYY poem], submitted at the same time.  Please consider this note to be that poem’s withdrawal, unless I hear otherwise form you within the next 10 days.”

We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Tick Tick Tick…

  1. good for you. ive done that too, in the days of snail mail and stamps, sometimes getting a terse return 11 months (and two postal hikes) later, suggesting that proper postage would have sped up the process…at least no postage was lost in the process, but it is frustrating…

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