I’m Going To Visit The Vampires


Yep. PCP appointment coming up soon & my new work sched makes it difficult to pop into the lab for fasting blood levels (unless I want to fast all day long—which I don’t), so I’m trotting myself off this morning.


Saturday Morning Will Be Solid Gold


Autumn foliage change is at its peak here in The Northeast Kingdom, and it’ll be a great morning to join the hordes of visiting Flatlander leaf-peepers and just cruise around, taking the long route home from the hospital, listening to NPR.


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16 thoughts on “SIX WORD SATURDAY

  1. yeuuuwww to the first one, and oh yesss to the second. Our leaves are starting to turn, mostly in the swamps, but once they really get rolling it will be a matter of hours and they;ll be in full color. Im always stunned by how fast it happens. Are yours early this year?–I used to do a craft show in Burlington, and coming into Vermont at dawn Id be hit smack in the face with those amazing yellows when the sun hit them, usually around Columbus day.

    (I cant fast that long (its not a matter of choice), so I usually go as soon as the blood lettting place opens up, around 7 am. )

    • Yes, the change IS earlier this year, and more sudden as well. Last week, Monday was all green and by Wednesday–whammo! The old job (highway commute) afforded me vistas, which is always nice, but the new job lets me drive right through the kaliedescope (sp?). And things are changing so quickly that the ride in is different from the ride home.

  2. So jealous- not the blood work, but the real, live Autumn. I subscribe to fall foliage channels mainly for the Blue Ridge Mountains around Boone NC, and Tennessee. I get my “foliage fix” from tuning in since Fall in Northeast Florida arrives in early December. By that time I am looking forward to Spring.

  3. Oh how I love the fall color in the trees! That picture is absolutely beautiful!!!!

    I do feel sorry for you about the vampire thingy though…I hate getting my blood drawn!

    Happy Saturday…have a good Sunday too!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

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