Four And Twenty Is No More

Sad news indeed. After six very successful years, Four And Twenty, a fine journal dedicated to publishing short-form poetry–no more that four lines, no more than twenty words–has called it quits.  I’ve always looked forward to the announcement of the next issue, knowing that I’d find a couple dozen gems that would, in their brevity, force me to slow down and savor.  They hadn’t put up a new issue since December, and I had just recently begun to fear the worst when, sure enough, the email from Editor Vinnie Kinsella arrivedannouncing its demise .

I was lucky to have one poem, Cana In Reverse, accepted by them in the March, 2011 IssueIt was a poem about the ending of things:

Cana In Reverse

… and, when they said good-bye,
the salad tossed itself in disbelief,
fine wine paled, watery.

I’m hoping that the Four And Twenty archives stay up for our re-reading pleasure.



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