Six Word Saturday

Phones Remain Unanswered At Positive Pie

(I’ve written about this phone phenomenon before HERE, but here’s yet another take)

All The Phones At Positive Pie

All the babes at Positive Pie have
phones that go unanswered, phones
that bleep and glurg incessantly;
insistent phones that flash and flash
and stab their heedless owners’ eyes
and ears and only add to all the 
beer-filled boisterous brouhaha, add
to all the noise of noisy noisiness
to no avail:
————–all the babes at Positive Pie
ignore their phones. The more they ring
the more they get ignored.
……………………………………The old man
at the end of the bar, at the bitter end
of his working Wednesday, watching,
has seen the babes ignore their phones
before, has heard the glurg and buzz
and, buzzed, he works to find the words
to turn it into certain verse, to turn the
worst of sounds around, to make the
endless ringing sing a song.
……………………………………….He thinks.
He finds, at last, the ink. He sings along.


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20 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

    • Oh, no, Suzy; they know they’re ringing. They LIVE for the ringing. If the phone stopped ringing, even for a minute, they’d assume it was broken.

  1. I get so few cell calls that I don;t recognize the sound and miss the call. That’s great. I hate talking on the phone…..when I was a kid they only brought bad news.

  2. Ron we are very sorry if we missed your call. We do love when the phone rings, but not when we miss people. Our customers mean everything to us, going to bring this up at the next staff meeting. Thank you so much for the feedback.

  3. The only time my cell phone ever rang I couldn’t work out how to answer it. It’s supposed to be for emergency use, but either it’s sitting at home on the charger or in my bag with a flat battery. It’s a waste of space.

    I love your noisy poem.

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