Ron. Is In Deep Water


The editors of Ireland’s Deep Water Literary Journal have this to say about their publication:

“We are fascinated by Darkness and how it is represented. Deep Water is a haven for those who write about, and produce artworks interpreting Darkness.
Works which engage with the psychological and physical aspects of the darker side of the human condition will feature on this site, and in our publication: Deep Water Literary Journal.”

Although I generally do not consider myself to be a “dark” poet, I guess I’ve written my fair share of stuff that others might think fits that description. One such work is “Seeing Margot”, a poem I wrote about being in therapy at the same agency where I now work, long before my employment began.

I’m very pleased that Deep Water chose to include my work in their latest edition.


7 thoughts on “Ron. Is In Deep Water

  1. you do know how to bring a reader up short, mr. lavalette. Even with the buildup you give, its still that last line (naturally) that makes me sit up straight…

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