Six Word Saturday


My Friend Gita Popped The Question

My efriend Gita, over at HOUSE OF WRITERS, posed a challenge to help us all keep our literary juices flowing.  I’ve been in a bit of a dry spell lately, so—despite my natural aversion to writing prompts—I jumped on it.

The challenge (in Gita’s words): Answer the question, “How did you get here?” with 10 sentences. Make each sentence a separate thought. Don’t try to form a story with them.

My response follows. Read others at: House Of Writers

How Did You Get Here?

I took 91 North until the gas ran out.

I took a left turn at the dining room.

I never turn down an invitation, especially one that says, “Come live with me and be my love.”

I felt the need to check the theory about greener grass.

Magnetism rules.

There wasn’t enough room in my girlfriend’s place for her and me and Jose Cuervo.

Nature called.

Everybody calls it city life, but it isn’t.

All the signs where I came from said “STOP”.

When I was nearly 42, I was born here.


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