My Brothers Are Fifty

Breaking The News

Even though he always drank Miller High Life, when he finished his Friday shift she put a Schaefer down in front of him.

“What’s this shit,” he asked.

She just looked at him and said, “Schaefer’s what you get tonight.”

He didn’t look happy about it. He reached for the opener, popped two holes in the can, took a tentative sip, and frowned. 

“How did things go at the doctor,” he asked.

“Well, you’d better get used to the Schaefer,” she replied, an expression of mixed emotions washing over her face. 

When he asked her what she meant, she just put her hands on her very pregnant belly and started singing the Schaefer jingle: “Schaefer/ is the/ one beer to have/ when you’re having more than one.”


4 thoughts on “My Brothers Are Fifty

  1. lol took me two reads to get it, but that is masterful. spare, careful, requires slow reading under a medium light. =) and I really cant imagine Basil Rathbone knocking back schaefer beer…

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