Lake (Tanka)

Foggy Lake 02

It can cloud all thought
square miles of inspiration
in a thick dream fog—
a writer could get lost there
but poetry is the shore

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  • 5 thoughts on “Lake (Tanka)

    1. Wow, I’d like to be there.

      You’ve got a lot of great scenes. I remember the potato chip moment in The Other Side of the Mountain and now I think I’ll get the movie from the library and watch it again. I also remember the Lord of the Rings Movies. One of my favorite scenes is when all seems lost and Gandalf in white on a white horse charges in with the other riders.

    2. Duh, I wanted to leave the link and instead let the post I put on another site. Forgive me. I’m going to go get another cup of coffee.

      What I wanted to say is that the picture and the poem are so lovely, I wish I could be there. Maybe my brain is–lost in the fog. 🙂 Take care.

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