199 To Go….(Maybe?)

Ron. Gets New Wheels This Weekend…

2012 Toyota Tacoma Reg Cab AT

…But before I pick up my spankin’ new Toyota Tacoma, I’m determined to put another 199 miles on my 2002 Ford Ranger (current odometer reading = 249,801 mi).  Despite that the fact that the tranny sounds like a meatgrinder & I have an overly-muscled right arm from attempting to shift gears, the Yankee in me insists on racking up a quarter million miles.

3 thoughts on “199 To Go….(Maybe?)

  1. nice. good luck on reaching your goal. My husband just got his new Tacoma last winter because the old one (2002) was starting to rust to death and midwinter is not the best time to have a truck commit suicide around here. Wasnt this truck the one that had a tree fall on it…?

  2. Well, it did happen just after you bought the truck, and when I saw you in Windsor the truck was new and the roof was newer. I thought then, what a terrible thing to have happen to a brand new truck. In any event, 250K is event worthy.

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