100% chance of rain tonight here in the Northeast Kingdom. Bummer. I was hoping for clear skies so My Beloved Sandra and I could sit out by the firepit on the deck and enjoy  the FULL STRAWBERRY MOON, aka FULL HONEY MOON.

Why is it a big deal? Because a full moon on Friday the 13th in June hasn’t happened since 1919, and because the next chance to witness it will be June 13, 2098.



4 thoughts on “Rainout

  1. Ron,

    I am sorry you and Sandra can’t sit under the “honey moon”. I am in Florida and it’s rained just about everyday here. I could have stayed home for rain, but I do have great company. I am getting to visit my daughter and her family.

  2. annnd we are in the middle of a solar flare to beat all solar flares, so this is truly a one time only deal. Sit. Enjoy. About the only thing missing on a day like this is a volcano in the corn field. =)

  3. While the moon is beautiful and it is a once- in- a- lifetime moon, it is not as beautiful as suddenly seeing your loving face waiting for me at the door upon my return.

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