He’d spent the whole humid afternoon under the blazing sun, relentlessly flipping nickels at the highly polished platform, hoping that at least one would land precisely on target, completely covering the quarter-inch gold spot painted precisely at the platform’s center. Now, still dreaming of the large flatscreen he’d been hoping for, he was walking home in the cool evening, staring at the small goldfish in the plastic bagful of warm water, wondering how big a bowl it would need.

4 thoughts on “Win/Lose

  1. Ron,

    What a beautiful short story. I loved it. The imagery was wonderful. And, haven’t we all been there? At a carnival or some such trying to win the prize and coming away with other than what we’d hoped. I like your style. And, thank you so much for visiting me at

    How did you find me if you don’t mind me asking? It will help me to sort out my marketing strategies. Oh, and I have to admit Cate is onto something. It’s just fun.

    • There’s a sadness to this, and a hint (just a hint, mind) of metaphor floating around the edges. Or maybe its marsh gas. Powerful stuff, Mr. Lavalette.

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