Six Word Saturday

Take A Breath.  Take Another Breath.


Take a breath and call on Call Me Cate at:  SHOW MY FACE




14 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. when i was about ten I had the wind knocked out of me twice in one summer. Most terrifying five minutes of my life, trying to get back from that. one breath at a time, Mr. L, the next one will happen.

  2. I remember for childbirth they taught us to breathe in through our nose and out our mouth to keep from hyperventilating. I hope this is not what you are having to deal with. 😉

  3. This is something I need to do. I have one family situation that I’m really worrying about, and I shouldn’t ruin the time we have with worry or fret or worst. Just stop it and take another breath, again and again. Thanks I did need this today!

  4. These six words are very important in my world — I have to repeat them to myself over and over again during panic attacks. Aside from that, it’s just a good philosophy, to breathe and learn to focus on *this* moment.

  5. I think most of us take breathing for granted. Until you or someone you love have difficulties with breathing, we don’t think about the process. Breathing. The key to life.

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