Inter State

Photo credit: Danar Falliers

Photo credit: Danae Falliers

 The crow, 
..........apparently ravenous
 for the unrecognizable splat
 of highway carrion, does not budge
 from its feast, despite the near passage
 of a barreling fourteen-wheeler
 in the adjacent lane.
                      The driver
 barely notices the banquet as he
 flashes by, his mind on his destination,
 his eyes scanning for radar cops
 or construction cones.
                       The truck itself,
 intent on only its task of hauling weight
 and displacing the air it moves through,
 has no sentience; does not care
 either for the beast it carries
 or the beasts it passes.

 It’s June, at last, and everything
 beside the highway’s grey is green.

2 thoughts on “Inter State

  1. and I was the red car in the other lane seeing the semi barreling around the curve, while the crow, too intent on tastisnacks on the center line, continued to peck away. yum. and that was the horn you heard, just quick enough, I hope, and the crow flew up and over the semi as it roared by.
    how spooky is that.

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