Six Word Saturday

Tonight’s Dirt Road Is An Oval


Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy going to Bear Ridge Speedway, our (fairly) local dirt track oval? It ain’t no NASCAR, man. I’m tellin ya.  It’s better.  Waaaay better. A quarter mile of nothing but fender-bending, axle-busting bumpercars.  Yeee-Haw! 

And it kicks up so much dirt & dust I come home looking like Mole Man. My Beloved Sandra makes me strip in the garage, bag up my clothes for the morning laundry, and report immediately to the shower.

60% of all the roads in this part of Vermont remain unpaved, but none of them are as wonderfully unpaved as the Ridge.  And the track food’s pretty good, too, if you don’t mind a little sprinkle of gritty clay dust on your nachos !


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14 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. you never cease to surprise me, and yet Im not surprised at all; you got facets, mister.

    And I’m a huge fan of the unpaved, the unimproved, the “don’t walk too close to the edge there, it gets tricky in the spring” kinda road.

  2. Good to know you let your hair down now and again, Ron 🙂
    My dad used to drag me along to motorbike scrambling when I was just a lass. Mud everywhere! Ugh!

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